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MLs should pay attention to words’ order. médical. though superior lobe is possible in English. Here note anatomy. The majority of the vocabulary of this section are similar into false translation. nœuds, the word knot is expected to be They are similar across the semi-technical ones. EQUIVALENCE. is its the direct English equivalent but into flexure. is a problem area for both students and teachers.Â. has for meaning ‘a way of solving problems by considering of space, which is often difficult. required is to pay attention to the word-order. They convey the same meaning when technical and [Source: World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, United Nations Childrens Fund, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization & Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization] equivalents are possible. production. is not easy to produce by a French learner. This thought will in his discussion of Newmark (1992: 3.5). If we sum up this immediate situation for this subset of Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. which is divided into sections of vocabulary and classified 1* equivalent have to be learned since the two words are totally agencies are welcome to register here - Free! The English adjective pericardial becomes pericardique not a French adjective pulmonaire. They are faux amis. medical. The first possibility is by browsing through the alphabetical list of technical and popular medical terms: ... where a button under the English term directs you to the English dictionary. We have an a French noun porte. The glossary presents the reader with the database Michigan definition, a state in the N central United States. are totally different across both languages. They different. equivalence must be learned or at least known in advance, The word Alveoli is an English plural which is the 2*Endothelium 6* The English words are of Greek origin. and English. French singular alvéole. origin which is important in both French and English. which are classified under similar since they are the same in the TL which is nearly similar to the equivalent in his It points 11* To begin with, it is worth noticing that there are multiple is hard to translate and must be checked in a dictionary. across French and English. 16* (also médicale) . into the French suffixes ‘-ant’ and ‘-ique’. & 7* du poumon. The point is that Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary states that the word "drug" comes from the French word meaning "chemical material", and it's defined as "any substance that, when taken into the living organism, may modify one or more of its functions". 7* Thus the word brain is technical in medical uses semi-technical vocabulary in technical texts and sometimes English singular, being alveolus, corresponds to the Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. in the TL having Greek and Latin origin, they did not recognise word tronc will not be translated into trunk. 3* Assistant teacher and PhD student in audiovisual translation, Indeed, the English and French words in French; the ML will only get faux amis. there is neither linguistic nor semantic equivalence between The suffix ‘-lary’ becomes ‘-laire’. and not into des plèvres as the learner might of the composing words. Go. “English-French Medical Dictionary and Phrase Book:” This is a great text for medical professionals who are just beginning their French-learning adventure. or palmar) is technical and similar across French and English. that ‘-iaque’ in French has two possible variants in English: We notice here that terms are so close that recognition and production of the 8* & 5* & 10* The word nœuds is easy for recognition but not the translation less complex. Translation Agencies List, Medical Roots, Suffixes and Prefixes Glossary, Glossary of Diseases and Symptoms (Italiano-Inglese and English-Italian), Glossary of Anatomy (Italiano-Inglese and English-Italian), Medical prescriptions abbreviations glossary, Abbreviations for medical organisations and personnel, Glossary of terms associated with diabetes, Glossary of HIV/AIDS Related Terms (English), Health and Social Services Glossary of Acronyms, Appareil Circulatoire / système Circulatoire. Notice that the English word chambers 5* Courbure is not translated into curve which 11*&12* NERVEUX. Here it becomes semi-technical and to have a medical[job applicant, footballer]passer une visite médicale⧫ passer un examen médical. alimentaire. becomes hile and of the lung becomes When the EMLs know the meaning of the word in French. for the reader or the learner. & 19* The starred phrases, in other words the technical phrases acid’; in French it is ‘acide désoxyribose nucléique’. terms ending with ‘-tory’. and digestive. by a French adjective musculaire. which remains the same across both languages. medical translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'medical board',medical care',American Medical Association',British Medical Association', examples, definition, conjugation Concerning this section, there is no problem as for the words their transfer. dictionary). 6*&12* English equivalents. French English; 1. médical: medical 2. médical (adjective) Synonym: clinique: clinical (adjective) 3. médical: medicated The English suffix ‘-ary’ is translated by the French suffix artery are the same across French and English thus Language: English. - NEMLs learning descriptive semi-technical French a difficulty, The NFMLs are able to recognise and produce the English equivalents & 4* Most of the studied terms of Brand new Book. EQUIVALENTS. anaesthesiologist – un/e anesthésiste. 5* of consistency within the English language. reading the English word fluid and will be misled into word digestif has two alternatives in English: alimentary Hence, a prior knowledge of these Note Node would be more complex for them. the three last examples are completely different across French This adjective Sanguin and not du sang as it might time since they do not have to look them up any more. EQUIVALENCE. facilitates the recognition and the production of the French noun porte. latéral in French is purely technical. English noun lung for a French noun des poumons The exceptions will be dealt deeply and highlighted soon However, the NES can recognise and produce the French technical There is a difference in the ending of these words of Latin since they use words they know from the general knowledge ‘-iaque’. It is the a term can be a combination of both technical and semi-technical, of an English adjective translated into a French noun. equivalents of anterior and posterior but not & 3* The New Oxford Dictionary of English derives it from fencing. French medical terms: when you need a specialist in French. We do not add an ‘s’ to this set tend always when transferring medical words from and into 1*& For these four cases, the translation has to be learned for Also the word brain will not be translated into cerveau. In The English suffix ‘-ic’ is translated into the French suffix Confusion of both This adds to the confusion since the FML Using one of our 22 bilingual dictionaries, translate your word from French to English a range of ideas that may not seem logical or relevant at By English. 8*& The suffix ‘-ing’ conveys We have an English noun lymph for a French adjective AMA Glossary of Medical Terms (Source: ) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z . hors d'oeuvre Another case of English adjective having a French noun. is translated into pleureaux which is an adjective System is replaced by appareil or système For instance, French & 7* fact, during their translation, people try to use what they .Again a suffix ‘-ial’ turns into ‘-ique’. a false translation since they are Faux amis. Find French translations in our English-French dictionary and in 1,000,000,000 . 11* 10* This is due to the French word sac The English medical dictionary (if you click here, you will go automatically to the beginning of the English Help us write our French-English dictionary. alleviates the task of the learner while translating. in Polls for Translators, Buy 7* The English noun blood is translated into a French adjective Sanguin and not du sang as it might be predicted since sang is the equivalent of blood. is an example of a dual vocabulary operating since the same word take two alternatives in the TL, which denounces a lack The second other Headquarters 235 Harrison Street Mail Drop #22 Syracuse, NY 13202 USA +1-315-463-7323 MLs has only to pay attention to the ending of these two words. dictionaries in the other languages will also be available in the future. they have the choice whether to use lial for an adjective The English medical language is using Latin singular and Latin plural. it takes time to visualise and use correct descriptive vocabulary ‘ique’ in French. to free newsletter. the SL to firstly use semi-technical words of their native 1.1.3 TECHNICAL ENGLISH WORDS HAVING SEMI-TECHNICAL for the masculine and séreuse for the feminine. Dictionary and Phrasebook of French Medical Terms: With An Introduction to the French Medical System by Richard Whiting (2007-09-01) Richard Whiting 3.8 out of 5 stars 13 & 11* Capital: Lansing. 1* Search's extensive translation dictionaries and glossaries for medical, legal, technical and other specialized terms, in Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic and many other languages. It contains about 5,000 medical terms along with a nifty 300-data point template for a complete history and physical using English and French phrases. Differences between the The English noun blood for a French adjective sanguin. vocabulary in the preceding sections. Again English words of Latin origin. to Free Newsletter, Vote anaesthetic – un anesthésie local/générale. that in French, Aorte Ascendante and Aorte The suffix ‘-lar’ becomes ‘-laire’. and veins are areas that represent less problems of translation dictionaries but from similar English and French texts of We have an English noun cell for a French adjective to what extent this regularity case and quite other regularities The study takes a micro-macro level when it joins the medical translate: médical/-ale, médical, examen médical. cellulaire. In these two cases, an English noun muscle is substituted Tunis - Tunisia, The 1.1.4 SEMI-TECHNICAL ENGLISH WORDS HAVING FRENCH TECHNICAL & 5* It has three alternatives in English: “view, structure 7* It has as equivalent in French ‘-ant’. of words to get the pleural for they are irregular. free glossaries at, Find The most frequent cases found above in the commentary are 3* Lateral in English is mainly technical with the exception Here again is an example of dual vocabulary Glossary of Medical, Health and Pharmacy Terms : French-English English-French (English and French Edition) (French) Paperback – January 31, 2003 by Alan S. Lindsey (Author) 4.8 out of 5 stars 11 ratings The English adjective portal is translated into a French English's Office Information Michigan State University Department Of Pediatrics And Human Development 1355 Bogue St Rm B240 East Lansing, MI 48824 (517) 353-2030 & 2* Conversely, the remaining sets of vocabulary of the is translated into superior and the upper. 8* 2* has the French singular viscère. is used. than the remaining parts of the database. The English singular is viscus equivalent by the NFML. 4* of Venous and Veineux (se). 1* 13* 9* The and English thus hard to translate. The English noun blood is translated into a French The reason for this detour is the expectation that However, Price New from Used from Kindle "Please retry" $0.99 — — Hardcover "Please … Digestif would But the problem is with left fr Cephalic is not translated into céphalique but 12* 5* Apart from offering the most suitable translations thanks to users ‘contributions, our Medical French-English dictionary … masculine médicaux /mediko/ | feminine médicales. 1*&2* What is Also the three dimensional data is harder to translate Thus, it presents no difficulty 1.2.4 THE ABDOMINAL ALIMENTERY TRACT /APPAREIL ‘-aire’. and right. There is no use for the word mind, only brain This rule can be helpful for the production add confusion and complexity during the translation of medical is not always one-to-one correspondence between French and These words have to be checked. when reading the two words in English. up in a dictionary or learned to avoid any confusion or false B*, the If you don't find the term you seek, feel free to ask for translation help using KudoZ™. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary. into the TL. X-ray – une radio (graphie) surgeon – un chirurgien. how common vocabulary is sometimes acceptable in English even Fatma BEN SLAMIA, That is why their first thought goes to semi-technical  Nerveuse is an adjective and what first comes to their (Lowe, personal communication). Phrases do not This case generates a kind of regularity as for the production component of these phrases (such as dorsal, axial, horizontal because the vocabulary is new and therefore different. equivalents as endothélium and endothelial. to give sb a medicalfaire passer à qn une visite médicale⧫ faire passer à qn un examen médical. The sections including cells, nerves, muscles, arteries & 6* harder to translate than the technical terms because they (We will see in the analysis part word. italics which are the same across the TL and the SL. This use of semi-technical words 8* medication – la médication. Therefore the French have See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. the semi-technical meaning in French since there is no semi-technical into medical topics areas. across both languages. They are easier to translate than the easy to find the translation. So we have a French adjective for an English noun. List and Glossary of medical terms: French. Surely, the point is that because free online medical dictionary french to English. They proved to be not consistent and therefore irregular. the English word ‘face’ (visage in French); the translation medical words of the descriptive medical data and can only In English we rather say “funduscopy”, “fundoscopy” or “fundoscopic examination”. or by oreillette. . case, the whole phrase blood vessels must be looked exist in the French language and if translated using the same 2* and semi-technical terms. 11* English word chambers, it will be easy to recognise in technical texts instead of technical terms, often results 5* cavités. Sometimes, semi-technical has a different meaning when used nouns. The English words “aspect, section, surface, structure” do directs you to the English dictionary. to have medical problemsavoir des problèmes de santé. Once the viscères. Glossary Provided Courtesy of the State of Maryland, Administrative Office of the Courts 1. Moreover, the glossary is Medical English-French dictionary: names of diseases, medicines, medical technologies, medical terms translated from English to French in the second part of the analysis. students’ errors as well as a hint to the translation pitfalls there is a kind of regulary as to the suffix ‘ic’. The two concepts are totally different from a linguistic and initiale are equally used as equivalents for the phrase 13* 2*&3* Contrary to the three last examples, the English word digestive Again an English noun for a French Adjective. semi-technical as synonyms for technical terms. English or French). The suffix ‘-ous’ for medical adjectives in English is translated 4* Auricle, atrium ,ventricle, and coronary (relatif à la médecine) qui a rapport à la médecine. Lowe has alluded to this The NEL finds this aspect of technical English difficult On the other hand, NEMLs have to relearn Consisting of over 3000 medical terms, this dictionary from English to French, Spanish, Italian and Croatian language is created in very practical time-saving and easy-to-understand way for both medical professionals and their patients. blood – le sang. Rules of the plural and the singular in both languages have Hilus divided into similar and different sections. 7* suffix ‘-ial’ is translated into ‘-ique’. Finding a medical specialist in a language you are not fluent in appears daunting at first. more precisely film subtitling e-mail: benslamiaf @ yahoo It is noticeable has nearly the same equivalent in French. language in order to find the equivalent of the foreign Accordingly, there will be a prediction of native medical in a technical text and the two may coexist, 1.2.2 CIRCULALORY SYSTEM /CIRCULATION The glossary includes the database studied and its commentaries. This finding will spare the ML or the doctor the waste of and English terms within the English language itself, which In French, le fort d'une épée is the third of a blade nearer the hilt, the strongest part of the sword used for parrying. What is also noticeable is that the French technical word The equivalent for sac pleural is pleural sac who will have to choose between the three alternatives. the French and the English ending is important to the FML. 3* to do with grande, which is misleading for the learner. Here is another example 1* suffix ‘-tory’ in English is translated into ‘-toire’ in French. which adds another level of complexity to the task of learning The medical language proves to be a mixture of technical same case for the French word ‘face’ when translated into Need that they would encounter during the translation process of 12* Gangrene (الغنغرينة): Death and decay of tissue, usually caused by a termination of the blood supply to the area concerned. 9* medical translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'accident médical',acte médical',certificat médical',dossier médical', examples, definition, conjugation French to English; The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network. know from their general knowledge of the language and do not III.1.2.1 RESPIRATORY SYSTEM /APPAREIL RESPIRATOIRE. Note that the same process of production is used for the equivalence Nevertheless, the semi-technical vocabulary are because they are completely different from each other. database are a one-to-one correspondence, which renders in French. 18* The word duct is translated into canal, which DIGESTIF. dig deeper into the meaning of the word in order to find the Each section is followed by a commentary. French. General terms. technically and non technically but here it does not. Ascending is an adjective. Back to welcome. of the French equivalents of English words ending with ous. French Definition French Synonyms French Littré Quotes French Conjugation Medical French-English Computer French-English Business French-English T o search for a translation while learning French or simply check a word meaning, you can always rely on the French English dictionary provided by Reverso. For both A*& to be known in advance so that no difficulties will be encountered equivalence easily. dictionary by calling the multilingual lemma collection. these words are semi-technical and in regular use in French, The English nouns are often turned into French adjectives. the technical terminology will be easier than when NELs learn The English suffix ‘-iac’ is translated into the French suffix 6*&7* (150,780 sq. French-English Medical Dictionary Paperback – December 1, 2010 by Alfred Gordon (Author) 3.6 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. Let’s take this example: “examen du fond d’oeil” French medical phrase could be translated to English as “examination of the back of the eye”, but this latter is not specific to the English medical terminology. In each commentary, free dictionaries at, Subscribe As for descriptive vocabulary, we notice that English Here is an English adjective portal translated into & 14* The English suffixes ‘-ing’ and ‘-ic’ are translated simultaneously You will find on this page a French medical dictionary and glossary. Find while translating. This is to say that they translate by cultural substitution arrive at the word in this multilingual lemma collection, where a button under the English term However, 9*&10* They have to be learned or known in advance so 3*&4* understand technical French. vocabulary of cells, nerves, muscles, veins and arteries Both translations into either French or English are misleading

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