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As the standardization process proceeds, we at Mozilla will work to keep up to date with any changes. HTML | DOM Audio defaultPlaybackRate Property, HTML | DOM Audio/Video Complete Reference, Introduction to HTML CSS | Learn to Design your First Website in Just 1 Week, HTML Course | Structure of an HTML Document, HTML Course | First Web Page | Printing Hello World, HTML Course – Starting the Project | Creating Directories, HTML Course | Understanding and Building Project Structure, HTML Course | Building Header of the Website, HTML Course | Building Main Content – Section 1, HTML Course | Building Main Content – Section 2, HTML course | Building Main Content – Section 3, Create a Sticky Social Media Bar using HTML and CSS. It is possible to set it to a specific value (“width=600”) in terms of CSS pixels. widely between devices, content should not rely on a particular viewport width The first part, viewport is the users visible area of the web page. List of HTML Meta Tags. It is not a standard but still tagged as a key approach for Responsive Web Design. The meta tag helps control the mobile layout of the webpage. The viewport does not have the same size, it varies with the variation in screen size of the devices on which the website is visible. Viewport meta-tag on S3 not working. Sets the initial zoom of the page AND the width of the layout viewport. 2. initial-scale. HTML5 introduced a method to let web designers take control over the viewport, through the How to make a Pagination using HTML and CSS ? close, link It also doesn't check for an initial-scale key-value pair. 1. width. This takes the control awa… Hot Network Questions Did the Allies try to "bribe" Franco to join them in World War II? This meta tag basically helps let us take control of this viewport. Here it is set to a special value(“width= device-width”) which is the width of the device in terms of CSS pixels at a scale of 100%. How to Create an Image Overlay Icon using HTML and CSS ? This area is often different from what the user sees, leaving audiences to pinch or scroll to read the content. A more specific meaning of the term viewport refers to a meta element in HTML 5, which plays a crucial role in mobile optimization. If you specify a viewport in a CSS file, you should place it right at the beginning of the file to ensure that it is displayed correctly. Lighthouse doesn't check that width equals device-width. How to get the dimensions of the Viewport using AngularJS ? The viewport Meta tag alters the behavior of a mobile browser by modifying the “ virtual viewport ” of the device. If a page is broader than the device width but smaller than the default viewport width, use this setting. 3. minimum-scale. The second meta tag (viewport) is used when designing a responsive web site. Robots How to design Meet the Team Page using HTML and CSS ? By using our site, you A viewport element gives the browser instructions on how to control the page's dimensions and scaling. When designing websites, the viewport is an HTML meta tag (or @ rule in CSS) that is used to set styles and other website attributes to render the site on different devices. Use the viewport meta key to improve the presentation of your web content on iOS. In this case, the meta element viewport ensures that all content is equally legible and displayed correctly and compl… HTML5 introduced a method to let web designers take control over the viewport, through the tag. 3. Viewport is a meta tag located in the of the HTML. Viewport and Website Design. Meta title. Before tablets and mobile phones, web pages were designed only for computer screens, and it was common for A viewport is the area of the window where web content can be viewed. The viewport tag is used in conjunction with: Enter the viewport meta tag, introduced by Apple, then adopted and developed further by others. How to get card vertically centered between search bar and bottom of the viewport? How to set input type date in dd-mm-yyyy format using HTML ? This is the common setting of viewport used in various mobile-optimized websites. The initial-scale=1.0 part sets the initial zoom level when the page is first loaded by the browser. It let you handle Viewport Scale using various scaling properties of viewport tag. For example, if your webpage is narrower than 980 pixels, then you should set the width of the viewport to fit your web content. In short, we can say that viewport meta tag offers a number of ways to control how a web page displays and behaves on a range of mobile devices. The first example below sets the width of the viewport to the width of the mobile phone device. How to set the default value for an HTML