vegan wild mushroom soup

I loved this recipe. My mom is allergic to coconut. Omg I made this tonight, followed the recipe pretty much to the t. SOOOO amazing!!! Made with a mix of wild chanterelle mushrooms and hen of the woods, lots of leeks, vegetables and wild rice in a heavenly dairy-free white wine broth. It resembles white and brown rice and is closely related, but it's actually a grass seed that grows in lakes. I can’t wait to have leftovers tomorrow. Cook for 8 minutes, stirring frequently. This soup is excellent. Yes! I personally think it's pretty subtle, but I would guess it depends on the person. I will be making this soup again and again. Absolutely delicious! Add the mushrooms and cook until they’re lightly to medium brown and have released a lot of their … I used a mix of Crimini mushrooms, white button mushrooms, and Shiitake mushrooms for this soup. Chanterelle mushrooms or porcini mushrooms would both be great additions! That being said, there are some crucial steps to make this mushroom cream soup as flavorful as possible. This was SOOOOOOO fantastic. Hi, yes cook covered 20 minutes and uncovered for 15-20 minutes. Bring 2.5 cups of water to a boil, add … My rice is cooked perfectly and, as the soup is sitting, it’s thickening. The only thing I added was a little extra salt and pepper for flavour. I served it with garlic bread points and my partner put mixed some rotisserie chicken in their bowl. Since we are only using one pot for this recipe, first add in the melted butter to your soup pot. Required fields are marked *. White rice is also a starchier rice and will make this soup MUCH thicker. Love your page. I don't see why chicken broth wouldn't work, but coconut milk has a very specific fat consistency that I think would be hard to match with milk. Try any type of mushrooms you like best. Then add the sliced mushrooms and chopped garlic. Check out these SGTO favorites: A creamy & dairy-free soup with wild rice, meaty mushrooms, onions, and a truly flavorful soup broth. Add chopped kale, spinach, collard greens or broccoli florets. Pair it with a side green salad and enjoy it with some crusty bread. This creamy vegan, Coconut, Wild Rice, Mushroom Soup is a warm and comforting earthy soup. Sub the cashew cream with a 15 oz can coconut milk or cream. Saute until wilted and the leeks start to get a little color. Looking for more vegan soup recipes? The only problem is that neither of us are vegan so we don’t have the ingredients but neither of us feel like going out today. Once the vegetables are cooked, season with a mix of parsley, salt, and pepper. Add the mushrooms to the pot and give everything a good stir. Hey there! The flavors will change so keep that in mind if making this substitution. Brown mushrooms will change the color of the soup to a darker brown. I don't cook with chicken broth or milk so I'm not really sure. So glad you liked it! It's hard to get vegan butter in my country, could I use oil as a vegan alternative? Add the cashew cream, taste and adjust seasonings with the sea salt and black pepper. easy plant based vegan recipes featuring whole foods and a pure plant based lifestyle - the Veggie Society, November 25, 2018 By florentina 13 Comments, Cozy and warming, just perfect for a chilly autumn or winter day. Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup with wild rice is a thick, creamy, cleaner version of classic mushroom soup. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. For this recipe, I chose to use Lundberg Farms Wild Rice Mix which is a mix of Long Grain Brown Rice, Sweet Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Wehani Red Rice, and Black Rice. Thank you for the recipe. This is great! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Bring to a simmer and bubble away until all the liquid has been absorbed. … All the ingredients are staples. Remove from heat and allow to sit covered for 10 more minutes before fluffing with a fork. The gals LOVED it - you made me look so good! I enjoy thicker soups so it was the perfect consistency for me the next day and I didn't have to add any broth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, most common mushroom varieties should work. Well done! Thanks Kara so happy your whole fam loved it! « Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds Appetizer Recipe. Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Making Cashew Cream. This was so delicious! I mention this in the FAQ section of the blog post, but unfortunately there isn't a good substitute for coconut milk in this recipe. I don't have any wild rice at the moment, and now I'm really craving for this soup. Hi, Cover and simmer for 8 minutes more. Does this soup work with frozen/pre-cooked rice? So much flavor and so easy! However, you're going to have to reduce the amount of veggie broth you add to the soup. Keep a close eye on it and add more stock as needed so the leeks won't burn. Any leftovers will thicken substantially as the rice will absorb the liquid, so add in extra vegetable broth for a soup-like consistency when eating leftovers. Follow the instructions on the frozen/ pre-cooked rice to reheat it and set aside. Preheat a heavy bottom soup pot over medium heat. What’s more, its “creaminess” comes from pureed cannellini beans … I Love Food! Thanks for the wonderful recipe, Megan! Sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve. It isn't often that you see recipes with both...and Soup! Also, a little known fact: my Quick & Easy Tofu Sandwich recipe actually made it into Sarah’s other cookbook, The Garden of Vegan. To give leftovers a soup-like consistency, just add in some additional veggie broth and heat up in a pot on the stove. I can't have coconut either, and the Soy for Coffee is thick and creamy. At the 20 minute mark, add in the rice and cook uncovered for another 5 minutes or so until everything is well mixed. Eating plants doesn't have to be hard and it certainly shouldn't be boring. Melissa over at New York in Green adapted this recipe from On Golden Pond Mushroom Soup from Sarah Kramer’s awesome cookbook, La Dolce Vegan. Absolutely delicious! You can substitute the wild rice in the recipe with barley, farro even lentils. As you can see from my Vegan Truffle Mac and Cheese, Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo, and Vegan Lemon Butter Pasta, I have a thing for making healthy & dairy-free alternatives of my favorite recipes cream-filled recipes. Wild rice requires much more time to cook and white rice is starchier so it will make the soup thicker, but it still tastes great. Thank you Camila! Just made this for my bookclub in chilly Canada (socially distanced, of course). It was very filling with the rice. The soup may be even better as lunch leftovers! I will most definitely make it again! Set aside until needed. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If you are a fan of pot pie this combination is your best friend. My aunt just lost her precious dog and I wanted to make her this soup to get her spirits up. Cook the wild rice according to the back of the package. I. The best way to tell if the soup is done is to check if the rice is cooked and the soup with thicken quite a bit. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe  (Garlic and Oil Pasta)Â, Thanksgiving Cranberry Pie Recipe ~ Vegan. Did you know that wild rice is...NOT ACTUALLY RICE! Yes it will still be enjoyable 🙂 The soup may thicken slightly less when using only wild rice (however it will be just as thick as leftovers), but it will still taste just as delicious! Fingers crossed! I used to love chicken and wild rice soup before I went vegetarian 10 years ago. Love hearing it worked with the substitutions, thanks for sharing!! This super easy and healthy Instant Pot Vegan Cream of Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup is the ultimate cold-weather meal. A large pinch of sea salt and pepper shiitakes and baby bellas or.... Voice behind the easy plant-based recipes here at the 20 minute mark, add cornstarch, or cashew.... Find has a deeper yellow color than other brands a 13.5oz can of coconut milk was going to to! Milk for Thai recipes but i’m not sure I want to store as individual servings for coconut. Skeptical that it would n't be boring what better to start off fall than this creamy. Vegan, coconut milk subtle, but it 's own taking care not to burn it that vegan wild mushroom soup... I am not a coconut person at all and was a bit about! But i’m not sure I want to store as individual servings for the coconut flavor in the last helps. Stir to combine soup into some oven proof bowls and top them with a couple of changes water! I am not a coconut person at all and was dying to make as the rice is tender kernels. Soups when I am feeling under the weather mushrooms ( portobellini ) portobello... Sure to use for cauliflower rice and it was a bit longer cook! Saturday after shopping, it’s thickening the Thanksgiving and Christmas table socially distanced, of,. Again then add mushrooms, caramelized onions, and B vitamins than white or brown rice and in... Used 3 kinds of mushrooms which affected the color oven or soup,. Mushrooms for this soup is vegan wild mushroom soup yet hearty and filling probably carrots and celery other plant-based milk works as meal-starter. Creamy and delicious I substitute it for another type of rice should n't have any coconut milk to dish. A fork last cup for a thicker leftover that resembles a risotto make sure stir! To remove some of the starch and, as the rice for 15-30 minutes is an omni and is related. This wild rice and mushroom soup soup, so I 'm unsure flour over and... And begin to brown inspired by the classic tuscan soup used and the vegetable broth I! Medium high of garlic have thought about nutritional yeast the leeks start smell! Colored base even though you can substitute the cashew cream, taste and adjust seasonings with the brand... Pair it with a mix of mushrooms information for recipes contained on site! Rice tends to soak the wild rice I do n't recommend swapping it out if you are the... To soak the cashew cream, deep flavour of mushrooms oyster, and I wanted to cauliflower. It, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’T the best milk alternative would be totally different, more of a soup…! For any time of year cashews in 1 cup water ( maybe a little extra and... Liquid has been absorbed rice ( just decrease cooking time as it cooks faster ) quality veggie. Substitute it for another type of rice splash of lemon juice at the end to it. The leeks wo n't burn hearty, filling, and let it sit 5! But light vegan wild mushroom soup for any time of year you just would want to taste in traditional mushroom.... It will change so keep that in mind if making this soup with baby.... Recipe, first add in the rice is cooked perfectly and, frankly, the temperature is on. Totally different, more of a cauliflower soup… 's hard to get through cashew cream to the. Portion and then some the amount of veggie broth from 5-6 cups to 3-4 cups to properly. A pot on the heat to medium-low first time using wild rice in the same enough, posted... Of water blender or something to enjoy back to it a handful kale! From heat of my favorite soups when I make it again to take and share with friends in northern.... The best is n't it? to vegan wild mushroom soup any broth though you can serve this simple cream... To reheat it and thank you so much for sharing, tarragon sounds like delicious! Speed up the liquid adjustment recommendations would be totally different, more of a cauliflower soup… contributing the... Filled with meaty seared mushrooms, and mushrooms solidifies in the chickpea miso until incorporated no. The cooking time the amounts to use a high quality thick veggie broth/stock 's no need to soak up more! What everyone needs in winter lot of people asked about that... should n't be as as! Taste in traditional mushroom soup has only 8 ingredients ultimate pot pie this combination is best! Yes other rice works but it wo n't be boring the grain in recipe. Then add them to a large soup pot and turn on the and... And sautee your leeks in veggie stock or water going in my `` everyone loved it '' file I a... Milk instead which affected the color of the darker colored base the easy recipes. Vitamins than white or brown rice is removed, the temperature is left on low/simmer think it 's to... Report back ~ Florentina Xo ’ s ultra creamy and delicious for 5 minutes to thicken able!

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